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8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them

Posted on 10 August, 2016

Some homeowners in Singapore renovating their homes do so in the zeal and hurry to get things done quickly. Sadly, they don’t pay much attention to details and end up hiring the wrong home renovation contractors and interior designers.

These 8 common home renovation mistakes can be avoided by working with a reputed Interior Designer or Renovation Contractor to take up your home renovation. We’ll list them in detail as well as ways to avoid them:

1. Falling Victim to Rogue Renovation Contractors 

8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them - Rogue Renovation Contractors

When you do not take the right approach or if you are not careful who you do business with – you are literally pouring your money down the drain. Ensure that the renovation companies in Singapore you intend to work with is accredited, experienced and qualified and do check out their references thoroughly.

2. Not Being Clear With Your Own Expectations

8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them - Guy Not Sure About Expectations

When you do not know what you want to accomplish, you are likely going to end up messing up badly. You must, first of all, ask yourself whether you have enough budget for your home renovation. Next you must ask yourself if you can hire a renovation expert or do the job yourself. Thirdly, you must find examples of what you are looking for and thoroughly discuss them with an interior designer.

3. Not Knowing Your Renovation Budget

8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them - Girl Not Sure About Renovation Budget

When you start any renovation project without first establishing a budget; you end up overspending and this will keep you awake at night. So make sure you work out and allocate a budget for your home renovation. You could get multiple quotes for interior design packages from qualified, trustworthy and licensed renovation contractors or interior designers. You should only pay in milestones for materials and work done.

4. Not Having a Proper Renovation Contract

8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them - Not Having a Renovation Contract

A renovation contract legalizes the agreement you have with your renovation contractor or interior designer, and it must include the exact scope of work, timeline, fees and how/when they should be paid, dispute resolution clauses, as well as insurance coverage, if any.

Once this agreement or contract has been handed to you, read it carefully and, if required, have it examined by a legal expert. This way; you can sleep peacefully knowing that your renovation project is in able hands.

5. Being Unprepared

8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them - Depressed Indian Girl

Sometimes, in the midst of the renovation project, the supplier might run out of materials which may cause a delay. Other times, you might come across demolition surprises like wiring or pipes etc. which could get damaged and might need extensive repair work. So do keep aside extra time and money for such contingencies. Be prepared to compromise a bit, and always listen to the renovation professional who is more experienced than you in these matters.

6. Not Being Involved in the Renovation Project

8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them - Not Being Involved in Renovation Project

Some homeowners simply leave the entire job in the hands of the renovation contractors or interior designers, not bothering to check their work from time to time. If you are staying away from where the renovation is going on, do take the time to monitor the progress at least twice a week. This will help ensure that the job is going on as scheduled.

7. Not Making Plans if You Live In During Renovation

8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them - Shocked Guy

Contrary to point No. 6 above, there are some homeowners who choose to stay in their homes where the renovation work is ongoing, being completely unprepared of the stress that these projects invariably bring. Remember that you will need to go to work, eat and sleep in the same place while renovation work takes place at the same time.

This can be difficult particularly for extensive renovation projects. A home renovation is going to take weeks or maybe months, so prepare yourself for dust, noise and workers coming into the house. Make sure you talk to your renovation contractor to help you get through this.

8. Not Listening to the Renovation Professional

8 Home Renovation Mistakes and Ways To Avoid Them - Not Listening to the Renovation Pro

The very fact that you have hired a renovation professional means that you ought to listen to his/her advice. If you are uncomfortable with their working style or you aren’t too happy with their designs, it may be time to end the relationship in the beginning phase itself.

Make sure that the renovation contractor or interior designer is willing to devote time to your project and that s/he isn’t too busy to answer your queries or address your doubts. Do not get in their way or do not supervise unnecessarily. You will only undo everything they have done and it will end up wasting time and costing even more money than decided in the first place.

As in any project; proper communication is a must. We hope these 8 tips will help you avoid common home renovation mistakes, and enable you to work harmoniously with the best home renovation professionals to build your dream home.

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