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Bathroom Renovation Insider Tips

Posted on 24 May, 2016

Bathroom renovations can prove to be a attractive prospect for homeowners. After all, you want to have a bathroom that is stylish, clean and fitted out with the best sanitary items.

However, it can be quite intimidating if you are doing this for the first time. There are a number of factors that you will need to look into before embarking on a journey to design and build the bathroom of your choice.

Planning is by far the most important aspect that has to be given due consideration before undertaking a bathroom renovation project. It is advisable that you should start planning at least a couple of months prior to the actual commencement of your bathroom renovation.

During the planning phase, you would have to make a number of important decisions on how you are going to go about managing the entire renovation project.


Bathroom Renovation Insider Tips - Minimalist Bathroom with wooden vanity

The following are some of the time and budget considerations that you should consider before starting your bathroom renovation project.

– Amount of time required for the completion of the renovation.

– Have alternative arrangements during renovating.

– Amount of money that can be spent on the renovation.

It is essential to estimate, or better still determine the time in which your renovation contractor is going to take for completing the renovations. This is necessary because throughout that duration, you will not be able to use your bathroom at all, and would have to make separate arrangements especially if you only have a single bathroom in your home.

Make sure you do your sums and set aside a budget that you can spend on the renovation of your bathroom. Be honest with yourself on this part. Talk to a few contractors and have them furnish you with quotations on your requirements.

Apart from the costs of the renovation, make a list of the items that will go into your new bathroom. Categorize these items into essentials and non-essentials. Essential could be items like vanity tops, a new toilet-bowl, a new wash-basin/ taps, new plumbing etc.

For non-essential are items such as mirrors, hangars or fanciful fixtures, you can add them in phases over-time. This would help you in prioritizing on what sanitary items you should and can buy with the amount of money you have on hand. Be mindful to always set aside an extra 15% to 20% of your budgeted amount, in case of any unforeseen situations that may occur.


Bathroom Renovation Insider Tips - HDB Bathroom with Tub

The following are some of the design considerations that would have to be given proper attention before commencing your bathroom renovations works.

– Type of sanitary items you want in your bathroom.

– Tiling, plumbing, wiring and lighting equipment to be fitted in the bathroom.

– The colour of your walls and any extras that would be placed in the bathroom.

Work closely with your interior designer or contractor on your design plans – if you want your bathroom to look the way you want it to be. Among the design considerations, the most critical ones are that of choosing the right type of tiles and sanitary items that would have to be placed in your bathroom.

Consider non-slip and easy-to-maintain ceramic tiles for your bathroom flooring. There is a wide array of such tiles in the market and most are reasonably priced. Always tile up your bathroom walls whenever possible because constant moisture in your bathroom easily ruin paintwork on those walls.

Know the regulations and guidelines laid down by the relevant authorities. For example, you can’t have a Jacuzzi in your bathroom if you live in a HDB flat!

In addition to this, you would also have to take decisions on the plumbing, electrical and lighting fixtures because close coordination is needed between the various professionals specializing in these works. Don’t forget to consider ventilation as well when planning the design of your new bathroom.

In short, building your dream bathroom can be managed if proper planning is done in advance. Knowing what you want, setting a budget and working closely with your contractor can make this overwhelming task a manageable affair.

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