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Choosing Paint Colours For Your Home Renovation

Posted on 14 March, 2016

Choosing paint colors for your home renovation can seem like an intimidating task. The colours of a room can have some of the biggest impact on the atmosphere of the space so you want to select a paint colour you can live with for years without growing tired of it.

You might have a general idea of what colour you want, but are stumped on what shade to choose. Some have no idea where to start. Whatever point in your colour selection you happen to be in, there are a few general guidelines that you can use to pinpoint the perfect colour for your space.


Before you finalize a color choice, make sure you consider any aspects that will affect the use of your room.

Who will be using this space the most often? You want the paint color to translate your personality and tastes. Never pick a colour just because it is trendy. Chances are you’ll wind up hating it later.

How long are you planning on staying in this space? If you will be living here for years you can select colours that are very personal. However, if you will be selling your home soon it may be better to select neutral colours that will appeal more to buyers.

What kind of change are you looking to make? Do you want the space to be warmer, more formal, or brighter? Restrict your search to paint colours that will match your goals. 

If you have no idea where to start, take pictures of your room and furniture you have already chosen and bring them to the store with you. An interior designer or a renovation contractor can also recommend you toward choices that will help you transform your space but still matches your taste.


You want to take a look at how the colour will work in your space before you make any kind of commitment.

If you’ve already picked accents like cupboards, furniture or other paint colours, pair your new paint choices with these items. You do not want any part of your design to clash.

Bring your samples into the space when you are trying to make a decision. A colour may look fabulous under the florescent lights in the store, but it may look completely different in the natural lighting of your room.


Rooms with a lot of natural lighting can stand up to darker colours, but this can make a small room look even more cramped. You may love that shade of tangerine, but it may look too intense on all four walls.

If you want to make a bright, bold statement it may be easier to accomplish with accents and fabrics rather than covering the walls in a striking colour.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a sample size of the paints you are interested in and apply them directly to the walls. This can make it much easier to see how a colour will translate from the sample card.

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