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Common Home Decorating Mistakes Before Renovating

Posted on 6 September, 2016

In the world of interior designing and home renovation in Singapore, there are certain things that you need to know. You might end up over-decorating your home if you are not aware of these things.

The secret to a nicely decorated home is to understand what are the to-dos and not-to-dos. To help you understand more, below are some common interior decorating mistakes that you should avoid.

Common Home Decorating Mistakes Before Renovating - Black and White Scandinavian Furniture

Don’t Over-Furnish Your Room

The number one rule for a well-designed room is to never over-furnish it. There must be enough space in the room for you to create movement and flow. It should never look cramped.

Using too much furniture will not only make your room small and claustrophobic but will also make it hard for you to move around.

Don’t Put Items that Don’t Fit In

You should always see to it that all your furniture fit in with your room’s interior design. Small furniture will make your room awkward looking, making it look like a dollhouse.

On the contrary, large furniture will make your room unbalanced and cramped. When choosing furniture to decorate your home, make sure that they are of the right size for the room.

Common Home Decorating Mistakes Before Renovating - White minimalist furniture

Don’t Over Clutter

There is no need to over-clutter. Always make it a point that when you’re decorating your room, keep in mind these 4 points – balance, calm, flow, and movement. These are essential to achieve a well-decorated space.

Avoid Poor Lighting

Lighting is essential when decorating and designing a room. You room should have as much natural lighting as possible. Enhance natural light by placing mirrors directly across your source so that light will bounce around the room.

Common Home Decorating Mistakes Before Renovating - yellow couch and brick wall

Avoid Furniture that Doesn’t Match with the Room Colours

Another important thing that you should do when it comes to decorating and designing your room, is to make sure the furniture matches the colour of your room. Avoid buying your furniture before you pick your room’s colours because it will be hard to choose paint colours that will match the furniture.

Avoid Overspending

When you decorate your room, you shouldn’t spend all your money at once. Don’t be too eager to buy too much stuff. Don’t forget to make a budget and stick to it. As what others say, “A well-decorated space is curated over time” so it would be best if you go slowly and decorate your room one at a time.

Common Home Decorating Mistakes Before Renovating - Grey sofa with throw

Not Enough Variety

When decorating and designing your room, try not to buy all your stuff from one store. If you want your room to look good, keep in mind that a well-decorated space has personality and dimension. This wouldn’t happen if everything looks the same.

Use Curtains Cleverly

Hanging curtain rods too low is not a good idea. They should be hung as close to the ceiling as possible so it allows you to create a sense of height. Curtain rods hanging too low make ceilings look lower and they can also make your room seem smaller too.

Common Home Decorating Mistakes Before Renovating - Grey sofa and lighting

Don’t Place Furniture against Walls

Novices tend to back their furniture against the walls. This is a no-no for interior designing. Push your furniture together to create an intimate setting to create a flow that will allow people to move in and around the furniture. You may put your furniture along the walls but don’t put all of them there.

Not Having a Focal Point

A focal point gives order and direction. It’s the first thing that people notices as soon as they enter the room. Without it, the room will seem boring.

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