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Hire an Interior Designer for Your Home Renovation

Posted on 14 March, 2016

As expectations for a nicely renovated home becomes increasingly common, hiring an interior designer to oversee your home renovation in Singapore is also essential. However, it can also be the source of many headaches if you are unable to work together.

The first step in ensuring a quality working relationship with your interior designer is to select one with a high degree of professionalism and experience. This helps to ensure that they will be willing to listen to your concerns and ideas, without pushing you into design elements that may not be suitable for your space.

Once you have found the right interior designer for your home renovation, you will need to agree on the parameters of your contract. Establishing any ground rules or requests up front will help to ensure that no information is missed and everyone understands their role in the project.

This will help to ensure that every aspect of your project goes smoothly so there are no concerns about items going missing or things failing to be completed the way you anticipated.


Before you meet with your interior designer you want to take the time to outline your wish list so you can provide an accurate description of what you need.

Make sure your designer understand exactly what you use the room for. Do you need plenty of storage, an easy way to see the television, access to the back door or something else? These details need to be specified right up front so your designer can incorporate you needs into the functionality of your home.

What don’t you like about the room as it is? Let your interior designer know if you were trying to get more colours, more space or a design theme to the room so they can direct their work in that specific direction.

Let them know your personal style. This can mean something as simple as outlining the formality of the room or details like paint colours you particularly enjoy and the type of furniture you like. These details can make all the difference when you start using the space once it is complete.

It never hurts to show your designer items you have already selected or pictures of other interior designs you enjoy. However, don’t go overboard as you do not want to stifle your designer’s creativity. They will be much more familiar with trends and materials and can provide suggestions that you may never have thought of on your own.


You want to make sure both sides have all the information they need to make informed decisions about changes that will be made to your space.

Be very honest about your budget for the home renovation. You do not want your designer to pick out choices for your room that you cannot afford, or try to create a discounted room that did not meet your designer dreams.

If you are hesitant about any proposals, voice out right away, particularly before materials for the renovation project are purchased. For example, you want to make sure the interior designer knows if your child is allergic to certain types of fabric, as this can limit the choices for your furniture.

Even if you are madly in love with certain materials, ask your interior designer for the pros and cons of the pieces you intend to use. Certain materials may look nice in pictures, but this does not mean they translate well to a finished space. You do not want to select materials that do not hold up or are difficult to keep clean because you did not have all the information when you made your selection.

Ask your interior designer to provide samples for items they plan to incorporate into the space. This will allow you to understand the texture and colour of each piece, so you understand exactly what the final design will look like. Hold these samples up in the area of the room where they would be in the final project, so you can see how the light hits them and if this impacts the feel of the design.

Let your designer get to know everyone who will be sharing your space. You may not want to incorporate the tastes of everyone in your family into the final design, but your designer should be aware of who will be utilizing the space so they can incorporate details that will be suitable for everyone’s comfort.


You want to make sure that you are a part of the design process every step of the way so there are no unwelcome surprises.

Ask plenty of questions. You should never feel like you do not understand what is going on or why certain materials were picked for your space.

Keep up with how much things cost along the way. You should know if you are on budget and what creative details your designer has imposed on a space to keep things affordable. Some designers love to brag about these items because it allows them to showcase their creativity.

Know when different portions of the project are supposed to be accomplished. You may not want to offer to babysit your nephew on the day the design crew will be painting, for example.

Once again, you don’t want to become so involved that you step on your decorator’s toes. You want to make sure they have room to be creative and perform their job duties properly. You cannot blame a designer for issues with the final project if they were not allowed to make any decisions or recommendations along the way.

Remember, you should have an open working relationship where you can talk through decisions with your interior designer. A good designer will only want to create a space that suits your tastes and lifestyle, so you should not feel afraid to speak up about these topics.

The more each side shares, the easier it will be to create a home renovation project that will please you without limiting your designer’s ability to show off their creativity.

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