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How to Choose a Good Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Posted on 17 May, 2016

Finding a good renovation contractor in Singapore is an essential first step in any renovation project.

Your contractor will be in charge of providing all essential information about your project so you can make informed decisions about what materials to use, the final design for your renovations and the functionality of the space.

It is important to select a renovation contractor that will recognize your vision and understand your personal needs, to ensure that the final design will suit your taste and remain practical for years to come.

Selecting a contractor with a solid reputation will also help you avoid many of the pitfalls others complain about when managing a home renovation in Singapore.

Your contractor will be responsible for selecting the labor for your project, securing vendors for materials, keeping your project on schedule and maintaining the budget. Taking the time to review contracting options before you sign a contract can help you avoid many ‘added’ expenses and disasters along the way.


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If you want to find a high quality contractor it is important to speak to a variety of professionals so you can evaluate your options.

Do not be shy about asking for references or samples of the contractor’s previous work. Not only will this give you an opportunity to determine their competency it will let you determine if their design style matches your taste. Choosing a contractor that can execute your vision will help ensure that you will love the final results of your renovation.

If your contracting choices mention that they work with specific professionals in the area such as plumbers or carpenters, take the time to investigate their reputation as well. This lets you know the kind of quality you can expect for different aspects of your project.

Ask for a quote right up front. You need to know what you can get for the money to get a feel for who will deliver without overcharging.

Remember, a contractor is only as valuable as his contacts. If your contractor regularly works with reputable vendors they will be able to secure you high quality goods at a larger discount. Not only will this save you a great deal of money throughout your project but it will increase the overall quality of the finished room.


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When you are negotiating your contract you want to make sure you have as many details outlined before work will begin.

If you have already selected specific materials to be used in your renovation, mention this up front. This will greatly affect your budget as well as the laborers your contractor will need to hire in order to have these items installed properly. You need to make sure your contractor is capable of managing these tasks effectively.

Make sure you are offered a detailed budget not just a general estimate before work begins. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going and why things cost the amount you are being charged. Most high quality contractors will have you sign off on a budget before any money is exchanged.

All aspects of your renovation should be outlined in writing. This will give all members of your team an easy reference point for added instructions and will prevent any disagreements later about what should have been included in the project.

Get a very clear timeline regarding the estimated completion of your project, especially if you are renovating a highly usable room like a bathroom or kitchen. Having to eat out or use other facilities throughout your renovation will greatly increase the cost of your project, so you want to anticipate how much money to dedicate to these causes.

One of the top complaints about renovation contractors is that it takes them a great deal of time to finish their work. During any type of construction project it is possible for things to go wrong so there may be some delays, but you do not want to work with a contractor that is known for getting months off track.

Ask your contractor about what strategies they have in place to deal with unexpected delays to get a feel for how they will manage a crisis.


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A good renovation contractor should also be convenient and easy to work with so your project can run as smoothly as possible.

It may be helpful to hire a contractor that works in your area. This will avoid a lengthy commute that can put work behind and increase the likelihood that your contractor will spend a great deal of time on site supervising your project.

Some contractors specialize in a specific type of renovation. If this is the case, make sure you have found a professional that takes on the type of work you require.

Some contractors also perform other aspects of the renovation such as interior design work. Working with contractors that have additional skills can help to ensure that aspects of your renovation all work together well.

Always choose a contractor that has their licenses and insurance up to date. Otherwise you may wind up liable for things that go wrong during the renovation process.

Check to see if your contractor tends to work with the same construction crew for many of their projects. Contractors that have built a team they can count on will be able to provide you with much more accurate estimates for how much things will cost and the timing you can expect for your project.

It also makes it easier for you to anticipate what the final room will look like because you can refer to samples in the contractor’s portfolio with additional accuracy.

Do not forget to keep your local inspectors engaged every step of the way. Your contractor should inform you when key inspections come due, but it may be helpful to learn this information on your own. You do not want to complete a project only to discover you are in violation of Singapore building codes because your property was not adequately inspected.

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