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Parquet Flooring For Your Home Renovation

Posted on 14 November, 2016

Parquet flooring refers to a patterned flooring design which can be produced in panels or solid wood pieces. These are created by combining wood blocks in different colors and veneers to create a geometric pattern that will add visual interest to your face.

These pieces can be installed by laying the floor down or inserting the joints of the wood together. The installation style that is used will vary based on how the different blocks are put together and the types of wood that were used to create the floor.


If you are planning your home renovation, there are benefits for opting for a parquet floor finish rather than sticking to a more traditional type of flooring.

Because a combination of woods and small pieces can be used to create the floor, it is possible to find parquet flooring for less money than you would spend for some traditional wood floors. You can also get the same quality of materials for half the price if you shop carefully.

Wood floors are very durable and add a great deal of value to the interior space no matter the arrangement of the boards.

Parquet is rather easy to maintain and keep clean so your floors will continue to look like new for years to come. They are also much less likely to be damaged should something be dropped on them compared to more fragile floor tiles or carpets.

In order to guarantee a high-quality look for your parquet floor it is important to finish them properly. They will need to be sealed or it can be susceptible to changes in humidity that can make it swell or crack.


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If you would like to invest in parquet flooring for your home renovation, there are a few essential elements you should not skimp on.

Go for good quality parquet, particularly for high traffic areas. This will help to ensure that your floors will not start to pit, or show signs of wear and tear over time.

Different types of wood will also have different textures that will need to be considered. If you want something smooth, stick with a type of wood that will not have a lot of knots.

Plan on putting at least a coat of sealant over your floors once they are installed. You can always update the look of your floors with a stain later.

Different types of woods will take stain differently. Let your renovation contractor know the color profile you have in mind, so they can recommend products that would be the most appropriate for your look.

This includes making sure that stains will apply evenly so you do not end up with light and dark patches across your parquet flooring that will clash with the overall interior design theme of your home.

Lat but not least, bear in mind that any time you work with natural materials like wood, it is difficult to guarantee the final look of the wooden flooring. However, you will be able to estimate the general color or look of the piece, but each piece of wood will have unique grooves and knots that will add visual interest throughout the overall look.

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