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Singapore Renovation 101: Secrets to Perfect Bedroom Lighting

Posted on 6 September, 2016

For the benefit of new homeowners, we will share some insights from the Singapore Renovation 101 guide, revealing the secrets to achieving perfect lighting for your bedroom.

Bedrooms have evolved greatly and they function as resting and dressing areas. It is no wonder that Singaporeans are paying extra attention to bedroom renovation ideas. The main aspect in this is choosing the correct bedroom lighting.

Of primary importance – to include soft relaxing lights for the night-time and focused lights for the day. If you are renovating and have been considering upgrading your bedroom lights, then this guide has tons of information for you.

Bedroom Renovation Tips: How many light fixtures should I choose?

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When it comes to bedroom renovation on a budget, the best thing to do is to upgrade its lighting. The problem with bedroom lighting is that you cannot use a single light fixture hoping it will do the job.

In fact, light layering with multiple light sources is a popular idea in Singapore as far as bedroom renovations are concerned.

One can go in for hanging or standing lights in order to combine gentle retreat lighting and task lighting.

The simplest way of choosing lights for the bedroom

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If you are concerned about the bedroom renovation cost, then hiring an experienced renovation contractor or interior designer in Singapore can actually save you money.

These professionals can help you with any dilemma you might have regarding choosing bedroom lights.

Most recommend going in for robust surface-mounted ceiling lights as you simply cannot go wrong with them. These varieties offer diffused flat and soft light but are sufficient for most rooms.

They are also one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of upgrading bedroom lights.

Certain tasks done in the bedroom (including packing, cleaning or when you need to wake up and get ready really early) require bright lights. In such cases, you can opt for dimmer switches for your primary light.

A ceiling-mounted glass pendant light is a great option in the primary light and it can be paired with a dimmer switch. Another option is to go in for chandelier lights.

Many homeowners reserve chandeliers only for their dining rooms or living rooms. However, chandeliers are excellent as ambient light sources in bedrooms and they even add an element of height to them.

Using standing lights in the bedroom renovation project

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How effective are standing lights?

This is a question many homeowners ask after having seen bedroom renovation ideas, pictures and before and after images on the internet. The thing with standing lights is that they look excellent in photos but one cannot judge if they can effectively light up large bedrooms.

Therefore, experts recommend going in for big lamp shades with really dense shades on the sides and lot of light coming out from the top.  This way, they light up on the space well and the overall effect is marvellous.

Many designs of standing lamps today include cleverly hidden cords and dimmer switches.

Should we use wall mounted lights in our bedroom renovation?

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Wall-mounted lights are perfect for lighting up bedrooms and they are especially great when you want to make one wall the focal point of the room. If you like to read before sleeping, you can choose to mount the light just above your bed.

The other option is to select the largest white wall in the bedroom where you can place artwork or photo frames beneath the mounted light.  This option also helps light bounce off the wall to produce diffused soft lighting for the entire room.

Some more bedroom renovation lighting tips and ideas

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To focus on artwork or to add contrast and depth to the bedroom, you could opt for focus lights. However, do be careful with their placement as you do not want to be staring directly at them whilst lying in bed.

For bedrooms and kids rooms which double up as workspaces during the day, you might want to include some desk lamps. Decorative desk lamps or bankers’ lamps help add character to the room even when not in use.

When selecting bedside lamp fixtures you can be as creative as you like. They are the easiest to replace and can be changed every few years as they are not too expensive.

You can choose from pendants, wall mounted lamps, table lamps, or adjustable bedside lamps. You could use two of these on either side of your bed for symmetry. Make sure you select the correct height for the lamp fixtures near the bed.

You might also need closet lamps in case of walk-in closets. These should be bright enough to illuminate your clothing selection.

For more bedroom renovation checklist and tips, see the video given below.

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