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We highly recommend before starting your renovation! Very detailed information of all the best deals & ID firms in Singapore are easily found here.

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HDB Approved Renovation Contractors

First, you need to know these facts. As of end 2019, over 5,000 interior design and renovation companies are listed with The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Of that total number, approximately 45% are HDB registered renovation contractors.

Under HDB regulations, they must possess a valid licence from the Housing Development Board (HDB) to carry out proper renovation works under their business name, on HDB residential or commercial premises.

These interior design companies and renovation contractors are regulated by the HDB. They have to adhere to strict renovation guidelines, administrative rules and a Demerit Point System (DPS) mandated by the HDB, so as to maintain good performance and industry standards.

If an interior design company or renovation contractor is NOT a HDB registered contractor, it is illegal for them to market their services or perform any renovation related work.

Hire Reliable Renovation Contractors

Any sort of renovation whether it’s your home or business premise, is a significant and important investment decision.

Ask yourself. If you are an investor intending to fork out $50,000, would you just dive blindly into it and put this money in a company?

Nobody starts with an intent to hire a shoddy Interior Designer or Renovation Contractor, but if you don’t perform due diligence, it doesn’t take much for a renovation project to go awry.

Uncertainty, doubts and long list of questions. They are all real and valid concerns.

Is the interior design company or renovation contractor reliable? Do they have proper accreditation? Will it fit your renovation budget? What reviews did clients gave for the company?

That’s why it’s important to hire only reliable renovation professionals and avoid false promises, poor workmanship, countless delays or worse yet, an unscrupulous one who takes your money, doesn’t finish the job and disappears!

Find the Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore

It’s really quite simple!

A good interior designer or renovation contractor is multi-disciplinary trained. Armed with professional skills and knowledge, they create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, while working closely with a potential client like yourself.

He/ she will meet with you to discuss requirements and the scope of your renovation. Questions are asked to understand your lifestyle and preferences. A design proposal would then be prepared and presented.

More often than not, modifications to the proposal are made along the way to fit your renovation budget and needs. They will also work closely with suppliers or craftsmen for any materials needed for the project to achieve the ambience and look, while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Here at, we make it extremely easy for you to find, evaluate, and connect with reliable interior designers and renovation contractors in Singapore. Learn how easy it is to use our platform.

Get fast access to renovation contractors and interior design firms with detailed information such as:

  • Business information
  • Licences and Accreditation
  • Value-for-money renovation deals
  • Unbiased client reviews
  • Project portfolios
  • Location proximity near you
  • Events and roadshows

That’s not all, you could also:

  • Book a free courtesy consultation with top-rated renovation professionals
  • Private message or Whatsapp direct from our site
  • See the latest interior designs & trends
  • Write a review of your experience
  • Report rogue behaviour of renovation professionals

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