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Facts & Figures

According to statistics from the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), a staggering 1,259 complaints were lodged against rogue renovation and interior design firms in 2017.

This represented 8% of the total cases received from consumers across all other industries. 

Due to the prominent number of such complaints in the past decade, CASE has repeatedly voiced concerns about the industry’s regulatory standards.

A small handful of bad apples in the local renovation industry prey on unsuspecting home owners, resulting in millions of dollars lost unnecessarily every year.

On top of this, the tremendous distress and inconvenience one has to go through. It’s just appalling!  

CASETrust complaint breakdown pie chart

We're Playing a Huge Role, The smarter way!

Our goal is to help you steer clear of rogue renovation contractors and interior design firms.  

We’ve put together easy-to-use technology to make you smarter, empowering and protecting you.

Put simply, you’ll know if a renovation professional is really who they are and what they say. 

All In One Place

Detailed information of renovation professionals in a few clicks. Easy & fast. No more wasting time with endless searches.

Be Empowered

Knowledge is power. The more you know about a renovation professional, the easier it is for you to assess their credibility and reputation.

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Choose your preferred renovation professionals. Arrange non-obligatory consultations.

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Be empowered with informed decisions for a safer renovation journey.

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