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Getting Started

Renovation Specialist

Renovation Deals

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Tips Before You Start

Renovation Deal Listings

You can only add a listing after you have created a ‘Renovation Specialist’ profile.

Both will be automatically linked to each other.

Business Profile

Your business profile reinforces your brand’s authority in your respective niche and industry through a well-written story.

Create your own unique tone of voice that resonates with your target audience. Do invest some time in creating a good one. 

Keep it simple and below 2,000 characters. Avoid copy and paste.

Catchy Tagline

A short punchy sentence is a great way to stand out from your competition. It communicates an aspect of your brand.

 “Just Do It”. Sounds familiar?

Contact Email and Number

Make sure they are correct. You wouldn’t want to miss out any sales leads or clients.

Website & Social Media Profiles

Use full website URL

Use social profile URL. E.g.

Business Logo

Make yours stand out with a white or dark background. Upload a JPEG image, with size of 200 x 200 pixels.

Cover Image

This is the full length image right on top of your profile page. Upload a JPEG image, with size of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Showcase Gallery

Upload up to 3 of your best works in your profile page. Each one a JPEG image, with size of 1024 x 722 pixels.

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Renovation Specialist Profile

Sign up and create a great looking profile of your business in just minutes!

Build your brand, expertise and acquire more new leads.

Because we care about maintaining a network of quality renovation professionals like you.

Simple To Add

Easy user interface, no sweat.

Edit or update anytime, anywhere with your mobile or desktop. 

What’s more, you’ll have full control of it.

Renovation Deal Listing

Reach and convert your target audience easily with your renovation deals and bundles.

Just list them, sit back, reach your audience and turn them into clients. 

You’re fully in control.

Intuitive User Dashboard

We’re empowering your business with your own data analytics dashboard!

Visually track and analyse key metrics of your listings such as traffic, visitors behaviour and more.

It’s free too!

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