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Make your renovation journey much easier and safer

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Make Smart & Informed Decisions

See detailed information, accreditation, client ratings, portfolios and more. 

We do background checks with ACRA, HDB, CaseTrust, RADAC, BCA etc.

You’ll know if a renovation professional is really who they are and what they say. 

Empower yourself to make smart and informed decisions.

Bestrenovation Make Smart Decisions

Fast Quality Matches

Simply choose the qualities and accreditation that you expect from professionals, then view all matches in a jiffy.

Chat with any renovation professional via our private messaging tool or Whatsapp.

Review their proposals, evaluate quotations, qualifications etc.

Determine who’s the best fit.

Bestrenovation Fast Quality Match

Meetup & Hire The Best

Obtain FREE cost estimates from the renovation professionals of your choice and schedule a meetup.

Secure your Free consultation with trusted professionals.

Discuss your work scope, costs and expectations in detail.

Evaluate their professionalism and workmanship.

Bestrenovation Meetup and Hire The Best

Want Free Proposals From Trusted Professionals?

Trusted Platform For Your Renovation Journey

Gain full access to top-rated renovation contractors & interior design firms. All of whom are well-accredited and have good reputation. Fits your style, budget, and work scope. Pink Logo

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