Kitchen Renovation Packages in Singapore

Have plans to renovate your kitchen but can’t decide on your options? We’ve put together all the best kitchen renovation packages in Singapore.    

Whether you cook frequently or not, most of us would agree that a good-looking kitchen plays an essential role in your renovation plans.

Let’s be honest. You do feel good when guests remark they are impressed with your kitchen, don’t you? 

So you ask, how much effort and money would you have to put into achieving that beautiful kitchen?

Should you consider a kitchen renovation package or not? What are the pros and cons?

We provide the answers here to help you make better decisions.

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Considerations Before Your Kitchen Renovation

What to Consider Before Your Kitchen Renovation?

As the idea of having a well-designed kitchen gains ground, local homeowners are now open to sinking more cash into their kitchen makeovers. 

Since there are many kitchen renovation packages in Singapore, picking the right one is by no means a simple task. 

These bundled deals for kitchen renovations are arguably wide, yet it is only upon closer scrutiny and inspection that you will spot their distinctive characteristics.

So a convenient rule of thumb is to go for one that gives you good value with a well-accredited renovation contractor, giving you the best results.

Considerations should be given to your personal finances, affordability and timeline.

Additionally, we truly understand the immense challenges when you undertake a kitchen renovation.

So we took effort to compile and reveal all the conundrums on how to handle a HDB kitchen renovation the right way.    

Can You Afford That Kitchen Renovation?

Before making a decision, ask yourself first, “Can I afford it and where will the money come from?”

Now, assuming you’ve made a firm decision on the project, we’ll dive straight into the financial aspect of things here. 

So here it comes, how much budget are you setting aside for the renovation?

Will it be a partial or a full renovation of your kitchen? Because this will determine how much money you need to be forking out.

Will the money come from your savings or a loan? 

If you take up a loan, can you manage the monthly repayments without difficulty? 

These are questions you have to ask yourself realistically.

If you struggle to come up with answers, it’s probably a bad decision to push ahead with your plans.

What's The Cost of Kitchen Renovation in Singapore?

This depends very much on the complexity, size and magnitude of your project. 

Whether you choose to do a partial or full renovation for your kitchen would also have impact on costs. 

For example, a partial renovation for replacing the kitchen cabinetry, wash basins, cooking hob and hood could cost between $9,000 to $11,000. 

Whereas a full kitchen renovation for a 4-room BTO flat would likely be in the range of $14,000 to $17,000. For an existing or resale unit, be prepared to pay $20,000 or more.  

Costs are calculated according to the kitchen’s floor size, scope of work, type of material and quality used, etc. You can refer to them listed below.

  • Kitchen flooring
  • Kitchen wall tiles
  • Kitchen cabinetry and door hinges
  • Kitchen work top
  • Kitchen accessories (e.g. cooking hood & hob, oven, wash basin, etc.)
  • Additional customization work 
  • Additional plumbing or electrical works
  • Additional hacking and demolition works
  • Tear down and removal of kitchen cabinet
  • Debris Haulage

Cost Breakdown of Kitchen Renovation

For the renovation industry, the two main components that determines how much you pay would be the cost of materials and labour. 

You see, the cost of goods are influenced by economic situations and inflation over time. 

Similar to food prices, it keeps increasing year on year. 

Therefore, the estimated costs breakdown below is simply a reference guide. It helps to give you a gauge of the market pricing at the time this article was published.

Hacking Work
  • Basic
    $100 to $500
  • Moderate
    $500 to $900
  • Extensive
    $900 to $3,200
Masonry Work
  • Basic
    $200 to $1,300
  • Moderate
    $1,300 to $3,900
  • Extensive
    $3,900 to $11,300
Carpentry Work
  • Basic
    $100 to $4,300
  • Moderate
    $4,300 to $6,900
  • Extensive
    $6,900 to $17,900
Plumbing Work
  • Basic
    $100 to $200
  • Moderate
    $200 to $500
  • Extensive
    $500 to $1,700
Electrical Work
  • Basic
    $90 to $120
  • Moderate
    $120 to $480
  • Extensive
    $480 to $1,200

Cost of Kitchen Renovation BTO vs Resale

The kitchen renovation costs between a BTO flat and a resale flat vary substantially. And this difference can be in tens of thousands of dollars.

Surprised? We’ll explain why.  

Newly constructed BTO flats only have basic features such as ceramic flooring and doors for the living, dining and bedrooms.

With its bare and unfurnished kitchen, there is minimal need for hacking or removal work.

Unlike a resale unit where hacking, debris removal and masonry works are involved, the cost of a BTO kitchen renovation is significantly cheaper. 

Other than BTO flats, most brand new private or executive condominium unit (EC) have functional kitchens with basic renovations done.

Hence, some of these private property owners may even choose not to renovate the kitchen at all.

What’s in a Kitchen Renovation Package?

A kitchen renovation package is where labour and materials are bundled into one fixed price, so you don’t have to constantly ‘renegotiate’ for the best possible deal.

Many renovation contractors and interior design firms offer these packages. However, not all kitchen renovation packages fit your needs.

Some of them only focus on a basic makeover, so you cannot expect to have an exclusive looking kitchen. But it does help to push your kitchen a few notches up above that “standard-look”.

In terms of cost, they are affordable and sell faster than the others.

You’ll have to invest some effort, to evaluate and judge which are the ones that will best fulfill your requirements.

This helps to keep you aligned with your budgeting and planning along the way.

If your expectations are not unreasonably high, they can save a fair bit of money for your kitchen makeover.

Friendly Reminder: Looking to renovate your HDB flat? Discover hundreds of good value renovation packages for your home renovation. 

Sample Quotation For a Kitchen Renovation Package

For those undergoing a kitchen renovation for the first time, it’s likely that you are unfamiliar with what should be written in your renovation quotation. 

To better help you understand, below is how an actual quotation looks like for a 3-room resale flat kitchen makeover project. 

The price quotation should have a clear breakdown of the work/ service categories, items description and unit pricing, all clearly written. 

Professional Services

  1. Space planning & layout.
  2. Design & soft furnishing consultation.
  3. Materials & colour proposal.
  4. 3D computerised perspective drawings.
  5. Project co-ordination & site supervision.
  6. Warranty with guaranteed after-sales service.
  7. All necessary authority permit application(s).

Hacking & Dismantling Works

  1. Hack & dismantle existing kitchen cabinet, sink and stove support.
  2. Hack flooring for kitchen.
  3. Hack wall tiles for kitchen.

Masonry Works

  1. Construct kitchen cabinet base with tiles skirting.
  2. Construct washing machine base with tiles finish.
  3. Construct fridge base with tiles finish.
  4. Supply and lay waterproofing membrane for kitchen.
  5. Supply and lay 1ft x 2ft wall tiles for kitchen (full height).
  6. Supply homogenous floor tiles for kitchen.
  7. Replace stainless steel rubbish chute hopper.
  8. Construct sink support with tiles finish using 63mm hollow blocks.

Plumbing Works

  1. Supply labour to install kitchen sink & tap.
  2. Replace stainless steel piping for whole house (cold point).
  3. To lay inlet & outlet pipe for sink and washing machine.

Carpentry Works (Kitchen)

  1. Design, fabricate & install 13ft top kitchen cabinet with laminate & COLOUR PVC internal carcass finish c/w solid plywood, ABS edging doors.
  2. Design, fabricate & install 16ft bottom kitchen cabinet with laminate & COLOUR PVC internal carcass finish c/w solid plywood, ABS edging doors/ drawers.
  3. Supply & install 16ft Quartz kitchen worktop (Basic range).
  4. Supply & install glass backing at kitchen.
  5. Supply & install Rinnai hob & hood with 3 burners.
  6. Supply granite sink & tap.


  • (Blum) Soft closing hinges for all doors
  • Soft closing runner for 3 column of drawers
  • (Blum HK) 1 set of hydraulic system
  • 1 no. aluminium/ wooden frame door with glass panel
  • 1 no. stainless steel dish rack
  • Provide labour to install hood & hob
  • Designer handles

(Prices are subjected to change at final design & material stage)

Painting Works

  1. Painting of kitchen walls and ceiling with Nippon V5000 paint.
  2. Painting of pipes & toilet door frames with Nippon gloss paint.

General Works

  1. Provide floor and plastic sheet protection.
  2. Clearing of debris and bringing up site material.
  3. Chemical washing upon work completion.
WHST Design BTO Basic Kitchen Package Cover

Kitchen Renovation Packages from WHST Design

WHST Design offers several reasonably priced kitchen renovation packages in Singapore, starting from $3,988. 

Based on over 600 positive reviews from their clients, it’s easy to see why WHST Design is a popular choice for those planning to renovate their kitchen.

We’ve compiled their kitchen makeover deals below, so it’s easy for you to compare and see which one fit your needs.

About WHST Design

Established in 2011, WHST Design is a CaseTrust accredited Interior Design and renovation firm with an outstanding team of experienced I.D specialists.

This energetic team is always on hand to offer you consultation and suggestions.

They are HDB licensed and specialise in BTO, resale, condo, landed properties and commercial renovations works at competitive pricing.


View WHST Design accreditation and background checks

WHST Design Customer Reviews

I am so happy with my ID Marcus Chen!

WHST have made my dream kitchen, toilet and living room come true.

From the start to end of the renovation, everything was smoothly done up.

He is very responsive and responsible. Super recommend Marcus!

Thank you Marcus. All the best!

Peggy Lim

The 5 star service at WHST Design started from the moment we went down to their showroom!

Their team explained everything to us clearly and was very patient in guiding us through for our first house renovation.

The person in charge of our project was Meng Lun and he really did an awesome job with it!

He was very prompt in his responses and was very meticulous with the renovation works from Day 1.

My wife and I are very pleased with the whole project and glad that we can move into our dream home so soon.

Once again, a big thank you to WHST Design and Meng Lun for a job very well done!!

Terrence Ho YC
Home Reno Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Package Cover

Kitchen Renovation Packages from Home Reno Pte Ltd

Give your existing kitchen a makeover with their value-for-money Kitchen Renovation Package from $6,888 onwards.

Space planning, design, consultation and colour proposals are inclusive in their kitchen package deals.  

As a HDB registered renovation firm, CaseTrust accredited & RCMA member, your deposit is 100% guaranteed safe so you can have a peace of mind.

About Home Reno Pte Ltd

This veteran has been actively contributing to the interior design and renovation industry in Singapore since 2007.

The firm has a good variety of affordable renovation packages that will surely meet your needs for BTO flats, resale flats, kitchen and bathroom, private and commercial properties.

Clients are assured of high-quality workmanship and responsible management of your renovation project from start to completion.

View Home Reno accreditation and background checks

Home Reno Customer Reviews

We have no regrets. Thanks!

Hans and the Boss of Home Reno have been responsive to our needs in renovating our resale house.

We went to several reno companies and eventually chose Home Reno because their price is worth the renovating package we opted. 

Fajar Nor

We are happy with the outcome of the renovation.

We engaged Thomas Hon of Home Reno for a simple revamp of our resale flat – redo bath & WC, put up new upper kitchen cabinets, rewiring and a new coat of paint for the whole flat.

Thomas is friendly, professional and very service-oriented. He gives daily updates with photos of the renovation progress.

He is prompt with follow-up responses. Execution of the follow-up works are done either within the same day or the next day.

Ad-hoc requests are also attended to promptly and flexibly.

Loke Chia
Renovation Contractor Swiss Interior Showcase 03

Kitchen Renovation Packages from Swiss Interior Pte Ltd

If you want to have a professionally designed and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, these are the guys you want to consider.

They offer reasonably priced kitchen renovation deals, plus a fuss-free renovation experience.

The team is made up of experienced interior designers with superb design sense, capable of taking on renovation projects of any scale. 

About Swiss Interior Pte Ltd

Since 2012, Swiss Interior has designed homes for hundreds of homeowners with outstanding results.

The firm is a licensed HDB renovation contractor and also CaseTrust accredited.   

The company is committed to create personalised living spaces for clients, by doing their best to restrain costs and to keep within budgets.

Regardless of size, all projects receive the same amount of dedication & attention.

They also believe that quality and design should not be compromised by affordability.

View Swiss Interior accreditation and background checks

Swiss Interior Customer Reviews

Thank you Catherine for your hard work in helping us renovate our new home!

We met with 5 different IDs at the initial stage and Catherine impressed us the most.

She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable.

Her first quote for us was highly detailed and she could tell us off the top of her head how much this and that would cost, what would work/look good, etc. so that we were able to adjust our requirements to our budget.

She listened to our ideas and suggested alternatives when she thought necessary.

Throughout the inevitable small delays and hiccups in our reno, Catherine displayed a very accommodating, positive, can-do attitude.

Every time a problem cropped up, Catherine informed us about it immediately, together with her suggested solution.

Catherine also often went the extra mile to make our reno experience exceptional, right down to personally cleaning the interiors of our cabinets before handover.

Agnes Tan

We are glad we have chosen Candice and Swiss Interior.

Really thank Candice so much for making this reno possible. More importantly, it went smoothly.

The journey has been great with Candice who has our welfare at heart.

Mum is most happy with the new kitchen.

Candice has a positive disposition and effective in carrying out tasks, making good decisions and ensuring that we are happy the whole journey.

The way Candice worked together with her teams of workers and the respect they give her is formidable.

She even got her hands dirty as she helped out throughout. 

We really appreciate her. Thank you so very much Candice.

Wan Teh

Kitchen Renovation Packages from PJ Designworks Pte Ltd

An industry veteran with over 15 years of renovation experience, this company keeps a rather low profile.

Their BTO kitchen package pricing is undoubtedly one of the lowest in the market; which makes it an extremely attractive option if you have a low renovation budget for your kitchen.

At a low price of $3,888, you get a simple and no-frills kitchen for your BTO flat. They also include a free aluminium glass frosted door with soft closing from Blum.  

From the customer reviews on their Facebook profile, all of them rated the company 5 stars for the experience and workmanship. 

About PJ Designworks Pte Ltd

PJ Designworks is an interior design firm and renovation contractor with a committed team, confident of providing you expertise that transforms your dream home with great designs.

The firm is a licensed HDB renovation contractor and also a RCMA member.   

You can be assured with their after-sales concierge support as the team is always ready to provide you complimentary diagnosis and rectifications.

View PJ Designworks accreditation and background checks

PJ Designworks Customer Reviews

I would recommend PJ Design Works to anyone as they have dedicated IDs such as Karen to ensure that your renovation will run smoothly and as scheduled.

Karen from PJ Design Works was chosen to be our ID after much research was done.

From day 1 till our renovation was completed, she made her presence felt whereby my wife and I had no worries as we were constantly being updated.

To be honest, we find that it would be a feat for her as she was in the final phase of her pregnancy.

A BIG THANK YOU to Karen who had just become a mother and her team.

Hady Hamzah

Professional and reliable to work with!

Karen & Peng were patient in answering to my needs and always support recommendations with justification and alternative options.

I am pleased with the promptness of service rendered.

Highly recommend to anyone who needs help in renovating their dream home.

Chris Chan

Final Thoughts

While finding the right package for your kitchen renovation is just one part of a complex task.

There’s also the other end of the realm – evaluating and choosing the right “man” for the job.

And we believe it’s extremely important for you to able to make sound decisions when it comes to hiring that right person.

Having a responsible renovation contractor who gets the work done professionally with good results is not by chance or luck. 

From how a company conducts their business practices to after-sales service – all almost seem to fall into two neat categories “Professional” and “Dependable”.

Surely, this isn’t something to check off your list before you enter into a contract.

Trustworthy contractors with a good conscience will undoubtedly make your kitchen renovation experience a pleasant one.

Here’s a list of the best renovation contractors in Singapore we compiled for you. 

Lastly, good deals are hard to come by these days. So when you do come across them, don’t wait. 

Wishing you the best of luck with your kitchen renovation project!

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