Hire Reliable Renovation Contractors in Singapore

As high expectations for home or commercial renovations become increasingly important, the vital task of hiring a trustworthy and certified Renovation Contractor in Singapore to handle your renovation project is no small feat.

Renovation projects are big investments and cost a lot of money. That’s why it is extremely crucial to be working with the right renovation contractor.

Hiring good contractors for your renovation in Singapore will help you avoid many of the pitfalls others complain about when managing a home renovation.

Your contractor is responsible for selecting qualified labour for your home renovation project, procuring materials, keeping your project on schedule and keeping within the budget.

Hence, a wrong hiring decision could spell the source of many headaches or disputes. Worse still, it could lead to astronomical losses in money and time for you. 

Free Background Checks on Renovation Contractors

The very first step to avoid such disastrous episodes is to do background checks and meticulous assessments of renovation professionals. As there are hundreds of renovation contractors in Singapore, for you to do this would be painstakingly tedious and time consuming. 

We do these essential checks, so you can easily evaluate and find those with a high degree of professionalism and experience, all in a very short time. You could then request FREE quotations and non-obligatory consultations with several trustworthy renovation contractors in just a few clicks.

This helps to ensure that both you and the renovation companies can openly discuss about your ideas, budget and requirements, without pushing you into design elements that may not be suitable for your space.

At Bestrenovation.sg, we do our best to protect you from renovation scams and renovation contractors with a bad reputation.

HDB Licensed Renovation Contractor

First and foremost, a certified HDB renovation contractor in Singapore must be registered with the HDB and holds a valid licence issued by the HDB.

Renovation professionals that are HDB-licensed have undergone proper training needed to renovate HDB residential or commercial premises. They are regulated by the HDB and must adhere to strict rules and standards of renovation work.

As there is an expiry date for the licence, companies will need to renew their licence registration before they are permitted to carry out renovation works.

Such a licence also permits the company to market its services or perform any renovation related work. You should be on guard when a renovation contractor is unable to produce its HDB licence number when asked.  

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to personally visit the renovation firm’s showroom and ongoing work sites. Certified HDB renovation contractors will proudly display the HDB licence in their showroom.

At work sites, a HDB permit with the renovation company’s name to carry out renovation works would be prominently pasted at or near the work site.

Governance of Renovation Contractors by HDB

HDB-licensed renovation contractors and interior design firms are governed by the Demerit Points System (DPS) framework.

This HDB-operated governing system is to make sure that renovation contractors and interior designers do not breach HDB’s renovation guidelines, administrative rules and to maintain good performance.

Any non-compliance will result in them being penalised with demerit points to their performance record by HDB.

If a renovation contractor or interior designer receives more than 24 demerit points within 2 years, they will be delisted from HDB’s list of approved contractors. Their HDB licence will also be suspended for a year.

For major infringements, the company will be slapped with a suspension that could range from 3 to 5 years.

As these guidelines and rules are rather long, we will only highlight here the important points in which homeowners need to take note of.


Homeowner’s Responsibilities (HDB Renovation Guidelines and Rules)

1. A permit and written approval by HDB must first be obtained before any renovation work can begin. This is usually taken care of by the renovation contractor.

2. From the date when the renovation permit is granted, all renovation works must be completed within 1 month for an existing HDB flat, and 3 months for newly completed HDB blocks.

It is also your responsibility to immediately inform the HDB Branch managing your flat once the renovation is completed.

3. It is mandatory for homeowners to only hire HDB registered renovation professionals to do any type of renovation work within your HDB flat. This encompass works that do not require HDB’s approval.

4. A prior written approval must first be obtained from HDB if you want to demolish or hack down walls within any HDB premise (be it partial or complete).

Demolition or hacking works are strictly prohibited without written approval from the HDB.

This is to ensure the structural integrity of the building and public safety because unauthorised work could potentially endanger the safety of your home and also your neighbours.

5. Any renovation works for your property can only be performed during stipulated timings. 

6. Renovation contractors can only use two HDB approved handheld power tools or their equivalent at any given time. Such work must be completed within 3 consecutive days. 

7. Only pre-packed materials such as screed, plaster, etc. is allowed for floor and wall finishes in your HDB flat. They are pre-blended to the accepted standards at the factory, and ready to be used on site after adding water.


General Renovation Works

Can only be done strictly from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm. No work allowed on Sundays and public holidays.  

The nature of these works are

  • Plastering
  • Laying of floor screed
  • Painting
  • Other works that do not generate loud noises


Noisy Renovation Works

Can only be done strictly from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. No work allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, eve of major public holidays and all public holidays. 

The nature of these works are

  • Demolition works (e.g. walls, floors)
  • Cutting of tiles
  • Any work that involves excessive drilling and hammering


To help make things easy for homeowners, you can prominently view the Demerit Points System (DPS) record of every renovation professional’s profile on our platform.

We advise you to always keep a look out for infringements when you do evaluation.

CaseTrust Accredited Renovation Contractor

For best consumer protection, consider working with CaseTrust accredited renovation contractors in Singapore.

When you work with an accredited renovation contractor, you have assurance that the company would adopt costs transparency and accountability for deliverables listed in the renovation work contract.

A CaseTrust accredited renovation contractor adheres to best business practices, and is obliged to protect your deposit payment through the purchase of a deposit performance bond.

The performance bond is issued by an insurance company or a bank, to guarantee the beneficiary (i.e. the client) with security against a variety of situations such as closure, winding up or liquidation of the renovation contractor.

Why Hire a Certified & Accredited Renovation Contractor?

First and foremost, they have the proper training, qualifications and industry experience to do space planning, interior designing, materials selection and project management. 

Certified and accredited renovation contractors also have good knowledge in structural rules and regulations, plus a multitude of resources that can help you with different aspects of architecture, hacking, building, electrical, plumbing and decorating.

Most importantly, they have the full capacity to deliver results, based on your budgetary requirements and don’t compromise on quality. Given their expertise, they can create a visually appealing and functional spaces to meet your needs for aesthetics, safety and function.

Lastly, these renovation professionals also offer good value renovation packages for Singapore homeowners with a smaller renovation budget.  

We hope our list of renovation professionals will help you narrow your search easily and to make informed decisions for your renovation journey.

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