Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore

From more than 5,000 renovation professionals in Singapore, we’ve compiled a list of top-rated interior design firms and the best renovation contractors! 

With the huge investment that goes into a home renovation, we are constantly reminded to exercise vigilance when it comes to hiring a renovation firm.    

As customers, we would like to believe that every business uphold ethics and professionalism by giving us their highest quality service.

In reality, it may not happen all the time – unfortunately.

We can’t escape from the fact that there will be a small handful of bad apples who snub good business practices.

Sadly, they make quick money unscrupulously from unsuspecting customers, with little or no intention of delivering on their promises.

On the other hand, we must also be fair to the vast majority of honest businesses. Their encounters with errant or unreasonably demanding customers are not uncommon.

As an old saying goes ~ the good, the bad and the ugly. It works both ways.

Qualities of Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore

Qualities of a Trustworthy Renovation Firm

You would’ve observed our constant emphasis on the importance of working with accredited renovation firms. 

If you are new here, here’s the reminder again.

Work only with renovation professionals with a good track record and these key accreditations –


  • HDB licensed renovation contractor – mandatory if you are renovating a HDB flat
  • BCA registered and licensed builder – mandatory if you are renovating a private property
  • RCMA-CaseTrust accredited


Note: Some Interior Designers or Interior Design firms may not have these accreditations because they collaborate with accredited renovation contractors to execute the designs for their clients.


While good accreditations are essential to determine a company’s reputation, a trustworthy renovation contractor or interior design firm should also exhibit these important qualities –


  • Great customer service
  • Ease of working
  • Prompt responses
  • Provide regular updates
  • Timely completion of work
  • Good workmanship
  • After-sales warranty


Still have doubts? Here’s why under the law, you have to work strictly with HDB licensed renovation contractors.   

Renovation Contractor vs Interior Design Firm Image

Renovation Contractor vs Interior Design Firm. Are They Different?

Yes, they are different because each has their own set of expertise and service offerings.

It’s actually not surprising that most homeowners are confused over this.

Before moving to the list of top-rated interior design firms and renovation contractors in Singapore, let’s clear up the confusion by explaining their differences.

This will help you make the right decisions for your renovation project, and avoid hiring the wrong persons.

If this is your first time renovating, you must not miss this detailed step-by-step home renovation guide.

It’s packed with valuable insights and tips that you won’t find elsewhere, saving you long countless hours of research. 

What Does a Renovation Contractor Do?

These guys are the professionals doing the heavy lifting work. They take on the building and construction tasks of your renovation project.

Renovation contractors have years of hands-on experience and they are competent in delivering results and good workmanship.

They may also collaborate with other subcontractors or craftsmen in specialised tasks such as electrical wiring, plumbing, demolition and tiling work, etc.

If you need a reliable professional to handle smaller scale renovation projects such as the remodelling your kitchen, toilets or wardrobes, consider hiring them.


Friendly Reminder: View background and accreditation checks on hundreds of renovation contractors and interior design firms

Preparations Before You Meet a Renovation Contractor

Before you meet up with a contractor, have a clear idea of the work tasks and write down as much information as possible.

Prepare a list of your preferred colours, styles, materials, etc. and communicate them during your meeting.

Remember to look through the company’s portfolio and their past projects, so you can have a good idea of what they are capable of.

While some may collaborate with interior designers, most renovation contractors do not provide space planning or interior design services.

Hence, it is best to show them photos or illustrations of the finished product(s) that you want done.

Have a copy of your property’s floor plan ready because the contractor needs to know its layout and floor area measurements.

How to Buy a Floor Plan?

Buy HDB Floor Plan  

Don’t have one? No worries. You can purchase your HDB flat floor plan online easily.

Each copy costs $5 (GST included) and choose to have it delivered to your e-mail (in PDF format) or by post (in A4 size).

For postal delivery, there is an extra $1 per transaction. You can find out more here.

Buy Private Property Floor Plan     

You have to submit a purchase application for the approved building and structural plans of your existing property.

You could also authorise a third party to help you with the purchase by submitting this form

When the plans are available, a BCA officer will contact you within 5 working days on the arrangements to view and purchase the plans.

These are the fees you have to pay.

Search Fee: $30 per address. Payable upon submission of your application.

Plan Purchase Fee: $40.00 per plan reference number (per set).

Working With a Renovation Contractor

When you meet up, communicate specific instructions about your renovation project and the results you want to achieve.

Explain the purpose of the tasks and emphasize on its safety aspects.

By doing so, the contractor can give you sound advice on selecting the right type of materials, work process and timelines.

To ensure accurate measurements and to evaluate complexity of the work, ask the contractor to visit your home.

This would help the renovation contractor have a good understanding of the actual ‘work-site’ and anticipate potential work challenges.   

Working directly with a renovation contractor would also mean you have to be ready to spend more time on-site. This is to keep a close eye on work progress, making sure things are correctly done.

Cost wise, their fees are usually based on the actual building or construction work you ask them to do.

Comparing it to an interior design firm, it’s 15% to 20% cheaper because you deal directly with the renovation contractor.

It does involve a bit more effort on your end, but if you consider the results and lower costs, it’s worth it.

What Does an Interior Design Firm Do?

An interior design firm provides you consultation, turnkey solutions and oversees your renovation project from start to finish.

Firms would likely have a professional team to do space planning, interior design, furnishing, materials procurement and project management.

They work with various contractors and subcontractors to carry out tasks like hacking, flooring, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, etc.

This ensures the renovation project is executed according to design plans and timelines are met diligently.

Larger interior design companies are known as Design and Build firms.

They are licensed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to perform Addition and Alteration (A&A works).

It includes tearing down and rebuilding work for private or landed properties and commercial premises.

Preparations Before You Meet an Interior Design Firm

Make a list of your likes and dislikes such as colours, styles, decorations, materials, etc. prior to your meeting.

Jot down short descriptions of your lifestyle. For example, if you do frequent and heavy cooking, or if you have toddlers.

These will help provide insights to the interior designer, so he or she knows what to focus on during the conceptual phase of design.

While evaluating the I.D firm, browse through their portfolio and shortlist the interior designs you fancy.

If you have preferred designs in mind, share pictures of them with the interior designer. It minimises any unnecessary guessing for the I.D. 

Always make it a point to have a open and in-depth discussion with the interior designer at your first meeting.

It lets you gauge the ease and comfort level of working together. You could also judge if he or she is capable of producing the results you want.

Lastly, have the floor plan of your property ready. The designer needs this to have a good understanding of the architectural layout before producing a design visual for you.

If you find the purchase process a hassle, request the interior design firm to help you buy them.

Working With an Interior Design Firm

An interior designer starts by conducting interviews and gaining insights of your lifestyle, personal preferences, requirements and renovation budget.

You will then be provided with an initial quotation. The amount changes according to your requirements.

Designing work usually starts after you hire the interior design firm.

They prepare a proposed design of your entire home and present them to you in 3D drawings.

In most cases, you are allowed to make free changes for up to 3 times.

Once you finalise and approve the designs, the final cost is calculated and you’ll be given a quotation for the renovation project.

Before work begins, a Project Coordinator may be assigned to you as a liaison.

Teaming with the interior designer, this person will oversee tasks such as the procurement of materials, bring in contractors at different work phases, monitor work progression and timelines, provide you updates, etc.

If your emphasis is to have everything well taken care of from start to end with a nicely designed home, expect to pay higher fees for the services of an interior design firm.

Singapore's Best Renovation Contractors and Interior Design Firms

Now that you know their differences, let’s move on to the list of best local renovation contractors and I.D firms.

Some of these companies have been around for a decade or more. All of them well-accredited and with very good reputation in the market.  

If you are looking for a simple and no-frills makeover for your home, some of these companies also offer value-for-money renovation packages which you can consider.  

Do note the list below is arranged in alphabetical order according to their business name.

Renovation Contractor Artrend Design Showcase 03

Artrend Design Pte Ltd

Regarded by many as one of the best in the industry, Artrend Design has designed and renovated over 12,000 homes for their clients since 1985.

This iconic interior design firm founded by Mr. Kelvin Chua, holds an impressive track record for all the residential and commercial interior design projects they had undertaken.

With an in-house team of experienced interior designers, decorators and craftsmen, the company provides a full suite of turnkey interior design solutions for their clients.

Their expertise includes site and space research, analysis, design recommendations, safety rules, governance regulations, health and building codes, as well as legal permits.

View Artrend Design accreditation and background checks

Artrend Design Customer Reviews

The design looks superb and the renovation was great, their place now really is a good place to stay.

Thanks to Brandon and Kelvin, in particular Brandon as my daughter/son in law ID for their reno on their resale flat.

Will also like to commend Brandon for his patience. Really nice guy trying his best all out to satisfy sometimes difficult customer needs. Great customer service.

This is the second time we are engaging Artrend Design services as my condo was also designed and renovated by Kelvin back about 20 years ago.

It was me who recommended Artrend to my daughter/son-in-law despite fierce competition from other design agencies.

Overall…satisfied and another happy customer!

Dr/ Mrs Cheah

Areana Creation Pte Ltd

Areana Creation is an interior design and renovation firm that was inaugurated in 2015.

The company specialises in design and renovation projects for HDB flats, condominiums and landed properties.

They have a team of experienced interior designers and renovation contractors who are skilled and stays within the budget of your renovation project with superior craftsmanship.

Areana Creation place their emphasis on listening and seeking to understand the needs of every client they work with.

This enables them to deliver creative designs and the best results to their clients.

Over the years, this local renovation entity has built a good reputation in the industry and received scores of positive reviews from the clients they had worked with.

View Areana Creation accreditation and background checks

Areana Creation Customer Reviews

YY from Areana Creation is the lady to go to if you are looking for a no-frills overhaul of your unit.

“My home is a typical 30-over years old HDB which I was envisioning into converting to a dual-key apartment, the first of its kind in Singapore.

I went online to search for potential ID and chanced upon a project done by Areana Creation which I was very keen to incorporate into my unit.

I called the firm and spoke directly with the ID who actually did that project that caught my attention.

Truth be told, as a typical Singaporean, I did not engage her immediately, but went on to share with her my ideas and obtained a quotation, to compare with 4 others which I have contacted as well.

During the meet up to discuss the quotation details, YY came across as a person who is very genuine and sincere, someone whom I cannot anticipate that we will have disagreements over, certainly not a mercenary I.D.

Her quotes were reasonable, and she was confident of adhering to the completion timeline (though the timeline was of secondary importance to me). 

However, it was only after painstakingly scrutinising through all the quotes, and looking at all the other ID’s actual projects, before I decided to engage her for my renovation in Nov 2020.

After confirming all the items that I required for the overhaul, the renovation started with a slight delay, as she explained that her best worker for tiling would need a few more days to complete another project.

I wasn’t too concern about the delay though, but she still reassure me that the project would be completed within the given timeline.

Throughout the renovation, she would update me regularly on the progress with photos and I felt very assured that the project is in good hands.

She was very patient in rationalising her suggestions during the choice of materials, whenever our choice differs, and she would not force her ideas on me, but is very open to contrasting views.

I can tell from the various stages of the project that her project management skills are close to impeccable, portraying her as a veteran in the industry.

Like all other renovations, there are bound to be defects that need to be rectified towards the end of the project. She ensured that all the necessary rectifications are done, even the finer details after the handover of the unit.

To be honest, the project was completed after that actual timeline by 1-2 weeks, but that was partly due to my request of an alternative window which required time for HDB’s approval. 

Ultimately, I managed to move in before Chinese New Year, which is a cause for celebration.

I must say that this was a very pleasant renovation experience for me. There was never a time which I had regretted engaging her as the ID throughout the project.

The final product, though not perfect, is one which I adore very much, and would show off to anyone who would like to take a look.

My appreciation to YY and her team of dedicated and highly experienced in-house contractors from Areana Creation.”

Sharon Chew & Paul Tan
Renovation Contractor Carpenters Showcase 09 Pte Ltd

This is an interior design and renovation contractor firm that has upheld excellence in delivering service quality and the highest professional standards.

From its humble beginning as a small carpentry in the 1950s, the company has since grown to become a recognised icon in the renovation industry.

It has an impressive list of accreditation, including being RCMA-CaseTrust accredited which guarantees cost transparency, ethical business practices and its accountability in delivering its promises to clients. also ensures that the services rendered and products offered are of satisfactory quality as defined in the:

Sales of Goods Act S14 (2);
Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act; and
Lemon Law

View accreditation and background checks Customer Reviews

Renovation Contractor Ciseern Design Showcase 02

Ciseern by Designer Furnishings Pte Ltd

With over 2 decades of industry experience and expertise, this established and well accredited interior design firm is a household name and market leader in Singapore.

Ciseern is famously known for their aesthetic interior design concepts and impressive track record founded on trust and credibility.

It was the first local interior design firm to receive the Spirit of Enterprise award back in 2005.

In recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions, they were also conferred with the coveted Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2008 and 2012.

Their commitment towards providing quality assurance on design, material, workmanship, customer care and after-sales services positioned Ciseern as an interior design firm that customers can trust and rely on.

View Ciseern by Designer Furnishings accreditation and background checks

Ciseern Customer Reviews

Our ID, Qing Yan, is an excellent designer. He is very prompt and knowledgeable.

“His design is different from the typical designs we have seen in most houses.

His patience and constant advises enable us to make our choices well and thus created a beautiful house that we have dreamed of.

Though the company charges is on the high side, Qing Yan’s service and the quality finishing s of the product, make up for it.

Most importantly, Qing Yan had rendered an efficient service to us. Kudos for having a great designer in your team.”


We have been extremely pleased with the service provided by ID Ms Angel Chen from Ciseern. Should you have engaged her as ID you may rest in peace of mind.

“Her well reliable service and her excellent character made us comfort and no worries. She is a good listener and positive attitude and very accommodating.

Giving advice and suggestion and communicate very well with all level of workers so that Job can be done on time with no further delays.

Ciseern carpentry are excellent reliable!!! Very well and good quality would have no worries for long term used.

We are great and happy with our comfort home zoom. It is with pleasure that I recommend Ciseern highly for their excellent service without hesitation.”

Yee Hong Teng
Renovation Contractor Design 4 Space Showcase 06

Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

With a track record of over 1,000 renovation projects completed and successfully delivered to happy clients, Design 4 Space is a trusted brand among local homeowners.

It has a reputation for being a well-established interior design firm and one of the best renovation contractor in Singapore.

Having a dedicated team of over 50 talented individuals, each a professional in his/her own rights, the company has produced some of the best award-winning interior design works in the industry.

Design 4 Space places strong emphasis in the work ethics and full commitment of their team in all the projects they work on.

You can expect professionalism and a unique experience when they undertake to design and build your dream home.

View Design 4 Space accreditation and background checks

Design 4 Space Customer Reviews

We are very happy to have Shermin (Tradehub Branch) as our Interior Designer.

“After meeting several IDs, we decided to work with Shermin because she understood the concept we wanted and listened to our needs.

With her knowledge and expertise, we collaborated as a team to make our “dream house” a reality!

Shermin also has a team of supportive contractors and suppliers.

That is why despite of the current situation and ours being an EM, she could deliver and complete this project within the timeline (to be exact within 3 months!).

We are really thankful for this.

Shermin is a responsible and responsive ID, who is always there to answer our queries and address our concerns.

We sincerely wish Shermin all the best for her upcoming and future projects!”

Sabrina Chey

I knew from the start I was going to engage Design 4 Space for my renovation after their work on my parent’s place a year ago.

“I had a good working relationship with ID Sylvia last year and I knew she was excited to work on my space when I got mine.

It’s definitely a breezy job when we both have similar styles and concepts.

Sylvia listens to my ideas and executes them well and gives sound advice against ideas that are too fluffy.

The kitchen was exactly how I envisioned; with Sylvia’s ID input!

If I were to repeat this renovation process, I definitely would engage an ID all over again for ease of mind in project management.

But to each its own yah… Most importantly, my house project completed in a timely manner with minimal hiccups!

I’m satisfied with the results. I definitely found my happy place that I can retreat to aft a long day or week of work.

Thanks Sylvia for going through this with me for the second time.”

Melati Dewi
Muji interior design style by Dots N Tots Interior Group

Dots 'N' Tots Interior Pte Ltd

Since 2013, Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior has built a loyal following with their personalised designs and unique interiors for residential and commercial spaces.

Their team of dedicated interior designers and experienced renovation contractors earned a respectable status for consistently producing outstanding results.

For every interior design project, the Dots ‘N’ Tots team ensures their designs brilliantly reflect your personality and distinctive tastes.

Below are their expertise for both residential and commercial projects.

  • Space Planning & Furniture Layout
  • Design & Soft Furnishing Consultation
  • Material & Colour Proposal
    3D Computerized Perspective Drawings
  • Project Coordination & Site Supervision
  • Addition & Alterations
  • Constructions

View Dots ‘N’ Tots accreditation and background checks

Dots ‘N’ Tots Interior Customer Reviews

Our new home was renovated by Dots ‘N’ Tots. Mr Liew has been really patient and understanding of our needs.

“Having the first home of our own, there are a lot of areas which we have not thought it through.

Mr Liew was not hesitant to give us his honest advices and recommendations based on his many years of experience in this field of work, making the whole process easy and pleasant.”

Alan Neo

Aaron has been extremely patient with every detail of our dream home renovation discussion.

“We were recommended by friend for our dream home renovation. We would like to give a big thanks and good comment to our ID Aaron Tan.

He impressed us with his great attitude and prompt replies to our questions and issues.

Thanks again Aaron! I will definitely recommend Aaron to our friend in the future for home renovation.”

Jo Luo
Renovation Contractor Fifth Avenue Interior Showcase 01

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Always seeking fresh and new ideas, this interior design firm has a team of driven, experienced and creative professionals.

These guys constantly keep abreast of the latest interior design trends.

When it comes to redefining spaces, they firmly believe in coming up with artistic solutions to create aesthetical and functional interiors for their clients.

Passionate in solving challenges in an understated way, they always take pride in delivering high quality results from start to finish in every renovation project.

No matter what your budget is, Fifth Avenue Interior will work around it and create the dream home you deserve.

View Fifth Avenue Interior accreditation and background checks

Fifth Avenue Interior Customer Reviews

My contractor Austin is simply amazing.

“For the past four months, I intensively interacted with him in regard to the renovation of my new home.

He is sincere, hard-working, careful, and considerate. We had lots of good communications, and his ideas of design often impressed me.

With his help, it is such a pleasure to see the designs matched well with my expectations.

Whenever I had new requests, he would respond immediately and gave me his opinions.

The quality of his work is high. I am very happy to have such a professional expert as my contractor.”

Qiushi Feng

Definitely an ace for his work done!

“My wife and I went around asking for quotations for my 4 rooms flat when we got our floor plan.

We then came across Kenny Ang from Fifth Avenue Interior after looking at his portfolio for his projects.

He has also showed us his previous projects photos and we are very convinced he is able to do a good job.

We spoke to him about our dream house and the requirement we want to have in our house.

Shortly after, we got back what Kenny has proposed. It was great as it is within our budget.

Not only that, the response time from him and the design proposed by him were fantastic.

We then decided to engage him after looking around due to his professionalism and passion in his job.

The time frame given by him was met and the whole renovation involves a very detailed and clear explanation.

My wife and I made a few changes through the whole renovation and I’m very satisfied that our ID is able to fulfil our last minute changes.

During the renovation, there was a few times that we went up to the house to check the place. The workmanship was really near to perfection.

Kenny’s response time was very fast even after office hours where he is off from work. The whole communication through the renovation was well communicated and hence, it resulted in no hi-cups.

Highly recommend Kenny from Fifth Avenue Interior as your ID for your dream home due to his abilities and knowledge in this field.”

Cyou Mex
Renovation Contractor Image Creative Design Showcase 03

Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

A well-respected company with over 20 years of solid experience in the interior design and renovation field in Singapore.

There are 15 professional interior designers and 80 interior sales consultants in their team. 

Each one of them proficient in providing you state-of-the-art interior design solutions for all types of renovation projects.

They differentiate themselves from competitors through the use of new materials and a vast knowledge of the latest trends and styles.

Image Creative Design is a RCMA-CaseTrust accredited renovation firm along with recognised certifications such as ISO 9001 and OHSAS 1800.

The company is also the only industry player to have received the prestigious SUPERBRANDS Award consecutively for these durations –

2004 to 2005

2011 to 2012

2013 to 2014

2015 to 2016

View Image Creative Design accreditation and background checks

Image Creative Design Customer Reviews

We wish to put on record our deep appreciation to Ms Dorothy Seah for her effort in completing the design and renovation works of our apartment recently.

“Ms Seah proposed stylish interior designs, drafted out a schedule of the renovation works and kept very closely to the schedule.

Above all, she was very detailed and exacting with our renovation requirements, especially with the materials involved.

The locations of all the power points, lighting points etc. everything was written on paper and we did not have to second guess what is coming next.

She also monitored the renovation works very closely, and any flaws was quickly rectified.

The entire renovation was completed to our great satisfaction, and on time.

We commend Image Creative for having such professional, pleasant and highly motivated staff in your midst and we would like to thank Dorothy and the entire team for an excellent job.

We will certainly recommend Dorothy and Image Creatives’ services to those who require ID and home renovations.”

Soon Hin & Shireen Lee

We wish to thank Mr. Maverick Ho & Mr. Wei Teck Tan for the functional & aesthetically pleasing designs and also for completing the tasks and delivering on time.

“The lead times for planning and implementation was very short but they did it meticulously.

They were very friendly and easy to work with. They also work well as a team.

Their follow-up after the handing over is very prompt and good. Based on practicality we needed some adjustments for our shelving and mirrors which they attended to immediately.

We are very happy that we selected your firm to do our home renovation.

We would gladly recommend Mr. Maverick Ho & Mr. Wei Teck to our friends and anyone who wants to do home renovation.

Thank you once again for the great work done in renovating our home.”

Mr & Mrs Lional Dharmaraj
Renovation Contractor Sky Creation Design Showcase 02

Sky Creation Design Pte Ltd

A very well-accredited design & build renovation firm that offers full-service interior design services and products since 2008.

This award-winning renovation firm has garnered the most awards and certifications in the industry over the years, attesting to the firm’s reputation and credibility.

Its team of interior designers and renovation contractors have a vast knowledge of market trends and years of experience to give you the best results.

The team pays careful attention to every detail in calibration of design sensitivity and practicality.

The same approach is applied professionally and methodologically throughout your entire renovation journey.

The company also provides a free and non-obligatory defect checking session.

Before you even embark on your renovation, a comprehensive home inspection is conducted to ensure that your space abides by industry guidelines for quality standards.

Sky Creation also provides a diversified range of services in construction, furniture fabrication, and custom-built modular kitchen, wardrobe and office systems.

View Sky Creation Design accreditation and background checks

Sky Creation Design Customer Reviews

I would honestly recommend Sky Creation to my colleagues and friends.

“We had a pleasant experience with Brice, our interior designer.

Sky Creation provided us with a good worker who shared ideas and saw through the work till the end.

We were working on a tight schedule and we are impressed with how he managed the situation and how quickly he made the arrangements.

He was meticulous and delivers on time. He always kept us in the loop with updates which eased the situation.

Brice put in his 110% and it was evident from the work and the hours he put in, staying back to ensure that the touch-ups were done properly.

The company is reliable. The contractors hired by the company were experienced and gave good advice.

Brice was able to coordinate everything smoothly. Thank you.”


I am impressed by his professionalism, designs & service attitude.

“I do not have much idea on interior design and I started to search around for an interior design company and Sky Creation Design attracted me.

I walked in to their office and got attended by interior designer, Josh.

He is an experienced designer who tries his best to suit our needs and our requirements.

He also tried his best to fulfil my requirements and most importantly suit my needs for a modern looking design.

The completion timeline was very important for me as I needed to move in urgently before school reopens in January.

Thanks to Sky Creation, they were able to adhere to the schedule they had committed.

I was happy with their schedule planning and coordination with various sub-contractors.

Special thanks to Brice for his prompt updates to us on the progress.

Overall we are happy with the workmanship, material used.

Thank you Sky Creation, Josh and Brice.”

Renovation Contractor Starry Homestead Showcase 01

Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

A home-grown premium brand, Starry Homestead is a full-service interior design and renovation firm trusted by homeowners in Singapore.

It is also a pioneer to have earned the RCMA-CaseTrust accreditation.

They have a well-skilled team of professionals who never fails in delivering bespoke and stylistic interiors for their clientele.

The Starry Homestead team provides personalised and affordable services.

They spare no effort in delivering the finest standards to exceed your expectations.

View Starry Homestead accreditation and background checks

Starry Homestead Customer Reviews

Thank you Emily, your service was above and beyond our expectations!

“Initially we went to a few interior designers but couldn’t seem to confirm anyone till we met Emily and we knew immediately that she was the one after we had our first session together.

Emily is young, energetic and full of creative ideas. We could connect with her easily as she knew very well of what we wanted and could even give good suggestions.

Throughout the whole period when we did our renovation, Emily was always very responsive to our text messages and also very accommodating to our tight schedule especially since of one of us was working out of Singapore.

We know how to work our way towards Emily heart – a latte a day, and Emily happy all day. Emily lives by her philosophy ‘I will try to help you, as long as you are happy’.

Towards the last few weeks of our renovation, time was very tight and Emily’s team was undergoing intense pressure from both Dennis and myself to produce and meet our stringent and high expectations.

When things did not work out the way we wanted, Emily was very quick to rectify the problem for us to our liking.

The renovation turned out very well and we liked it a lot. So no honeymoon for us as we will be staying home all day to enjoy the comfort of our home which feels like a resort.

Dennis Surya
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