Renovation Package for Singapore Homeowners

A renovation package can be a great way to save money for your home renovation in Singapore.

With so many renovation contractors offering a wide variety of renovation packages, it is worth spending some time to evaluate, compare and find one that will fit your renovation needs.

For homeowners with a tight budget, the biggest plus-point for taking up a renovation package is that it will give you a list of deliverable items, labour and materials all fixed at one price, so you don’t have to worry busting the budget you’ve set aside.

If you are unsure, this useful guide explains in detail whether or not you should consider a renovation package.

What Type Of Renovation Packages Are Available?

Renovation packages available here in Singapore are usually organized into categories such as room type, property type, scope of work and the type of materials used.

Often times, renovation contractors and interior design firms will offer customised packaged bundles to homeowners.

These renovation packages are catered to the homeowner’s need(s). Either for a complete or partial renovation of their new properties, resale properties or perhaps a makeover for the kitchen and toilets. 

As there are several types of residential properties, we’ll list them and their commonly available renovation packages here, so as to make things simple for you.

Build-To-Order (BTO) Flat Renovation Packages

BTO flats are new residential apartments constructed by the Housing Development Board (HDB), with a 99-year lease. 

Being smaller in size and without the need for more renovation work, the prices of BTO renovation packages are cheaper.

The types of BTO renovation packages commonly available are:

  • Studio Apartment
  • BTO 2-room
  • BTO 3-room
  • BTO 4-room
  • BTO 5-room

There are generally two types of Build-To-Order (BTO) flats offered by the HDB – Standard and Premium. 

A Standard BTO flat does not come with any floor finishes for the unit.

Whereas a Premium BTO flat come ready with floor finishes in the living room, kitchen, household shelter, service yard and bathrooms.

Resale Flat Renovation Packages

Compared to new BTO flats, they are older in age and larger in size.

To undertake a full or partial renovation, work scopes such as hacking, debris removal or other replacement works are likely involved.

Therefore, HDB resale renovation packages are usually more expensive. 

Below are the resale renovation packages commonly available: 

  • Resale 2-room
  • Resale 3-room 
  • Resale 4-room
  • Resale 5-room
  • Resale Executive Apartment
  • Resale Executive Maisonette

Kitchen & Toilet Renovation Packages

Instead of a full renovation, some homeowners may only want to partially renovate or to upgrade their Kitchen and Toilets.

The prices of kitchen and toilet renovation packages are dependent on the type and size of your property, plus how much work is involved. 

Here’s a curated list of Kitchen Renovation Packages with many positive reviews that you could consider. 

There are many attractively priced kitchen renovation packages that only cost between $9,000 to $11,000.

For those of you who wants a complete overhaul of the kitchen and both toilets, there are kitchen and toilet renovation packages costing approximately $20,000 or more.

Below are widely offered renovation packages for the kitchen and toilets: 

  • BTO kitchen renovation
  • BTO kitchen and 2 toilets only
  • Resale kitchen renovation
  • Resale kitchen and 2 toilets only

Choose The Right Renovation Package

As there are so many renovation packages marketed by renovation contractors in Singapore, it may not be easy to do fair evaluation and compare which are the ones that fit your renovation requirements. 

We all know time is precious. It’s unimaginable to spend weeks, trawling the web and social media just to search for renovation deals.

What about the shortlisting, comparisons, checks on the renovation firms etc.? Even more time have to be spent on these tasks. We know your pain points.

That’s why curate hundreds of available renovation packages and perform background checks on renovation companies who market them. 

We make it easy for you to narrow down your search and make informed decisions – all within an hour. 

You could also view client reviews and portfolios that would be helpful in letting you understand the renovation contractor’s reputation before meeting up. 

When you meet them in person, always request a detailed explanation of the items offered in the renovation package.

You should also ask to see material samples and if there are options to swap them or add-ons from the offered renovation package deal. Snap pictures of them to keep a record and jot down notes.

If it includes specific materials or customised items that don’t have actual samples, ask for pictures or illustrations that will let you see what the finished product will look like.

This helps you to understand exactly what you are getting from the package itself.

Renovation contractors with a good reputation will always provide you a comprehensive breakdown and description of the items offered in their renovation packages.

These will be outlined in a contract that you can go over before committing. You should also get a copy of this so it will help you keep track of the agreed deliverable items along the way.

To help you overcome all these challenges, learn step-by-step with our detailed Renovation Singapore – The Ultimate Home Renovation Guide.

10 Important Questions

Never make the mistake of assuming that you are getting a great deal just because it is a package deal. It is common for most low-priced renovation packages to provide only basic renovation works. 

Since there are many renovation firms offering different types of promotional offers, you should first arrange non-obligatory consultations with several trusted renovation professionals.

Prepare a list of questions prior to the meetup and bring it with you. Don’t forget to ask these 10 important renovation package questions:


  1. Do I get a free 3D design visual illustration? 

2. How many changes can I make to it? Are there extra fees?

3. Do I have to pay for labour to install items such as wash basins, taps, toilet bowls, hob, hood or oven?

4. Does the package include electrical and plumbing works? 

5. Does it include installation of power points, wiring or plumbing? 

6. What are the materials used for flooring, wall, carpentry etc.

7. Does it include water proofing?

8. Does it include haulage of building materials and clearing of debris from site?

9. Does it include protective materials (e.g. corrugated paper) for the flooring or wraps for furniture?

10. Does it include cleaning or wash upon work completion? 


Asking these questions allow you to clearly understand if there will be extra or hidden costs before you commit.

Keep in mind that signing up a renovation package in Singapore may not be a one size fits all, so take the time to find one that is close enough to meet your needs and budget. 

Do take into consideration extra costs of add-on items that are excluded in the package.

Want to learn more on what other things you should know to make informed decisions? View all Frequently Asked Questions.

Costs & Quality Of Renovation Package

The cost and quality of materials, labour and workmanship are varied among different renovation packages and the companies that sells them. The rule of thumb is always this – you get what you pay for.

Renovation packages with very low prices should be scrutinised carefully. You probably won’t get much out of them because up sells are common. Worst still, it could be a renovation scam as in the case of Carpentry Design Works.

We suggest you to avoid them or you could end up paying an extremely high price for a bad decision.

Remember, good quality and service will come with a reasonable price. Extremely low prices usually mean work processes, workmanship or materials are compromised.  

If you already know a renovation contractor whom you can trust, or someone you know gave positive feedback for similar renovations done, that would help tremendously. A reputation built with word of mouth is definitely a huge plus.

They can give you valuable insights on what you can expect if you were to hire the renovation professional. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision before you commit.

Good luck and we hope you will find the best renovation package for your home renovation.

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