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HDB 3-Room Resale Renovation Package at $29,888. Save $4,879 for this deal!


A: Design Works

  • Design consultation & space planning
  • Design proposal & 3D perspective drawing
  • Selection of colour, material & accessories
  • Consultant & project management
  • Site inspection / work schedule
  • 12 months warranty with guaranteed after sales service on water proofing
  • 24 months warranty with guaranteed after sales service on workmanship


B: Hacking Works

  • Hacking of existing kitchen & 2 bathrooms wall & floor tiles
  • Hacking of existing 50mm cement fridge, washing machine & kitchen cabinet base
  • Dismantle existing kitchen cabinet
  • Dismantle existing 2 no.s of WC, Washing Basins & Bathroom Doors & Door Frames
  • Hacking of existing floor skirting at living, dining, storeroom & all bedrooms


C: Masonry Works

  • Supply & lay 2-layer K11/104 water proofing membrane for kitchen
  • Supply & lay Pre Packed Cement screeding for kitchen & 2 bathrooms
  • Supply & lay 300mm x 600mm glossy ceramic wall tiles for kitchen & 2 bathrooms
  • Supply & lay 300mm x 300mm heavy duty non-slip homogeneous floor tiles for kitchen & 2 bathrooms
  • Construct 50mm cement mortar kitchen cabinet base finish with side tiling work
  • Construct 50mm cement mortar fridge & washing machine base finish with full tiling work
  • Supply & overlay 600mm x 600mm polish homogeneous floor tiles for living, dining & all bedrooms


D: Plumbing Works

  • Supply & install whole unit piping to stainless steel/copper piping (Cold Points only)
  • Supply & install 2 set of hot stainless steel/copper piping (For Rain Shower Bath Mixer)
  • Labour to install 2 set of water closet /washing basins w/taps / bathrooms accessories & mirrors & 1 set of storage heater & kitchen sink with sink tap
  • Supply & lay concealed 2” drainage pipe for kitchen sink & washing machine


E: Ceiling Works

  • Construct L-Box light holder for living & dining hall
  • Construct false ceiling for foyer area & bedroom passageway


F: Carpentry works - Kitchen

  • Design, fabricate & install 20ft (L) designer kitchen cabinet in solid-ply high grade laminate finish

– ABS Trimmings doors & handles
– 1 no. of frosted glass panel c/w wooden frame
– 1 no. of 2 tier stainless steel dish drainer & 1 no. of cutlery tray


G: Solid Surface Works

Custom made 10ft (L) solid surface worktop c/w 50mm backsplash & front profile


H: Painting Works

  • Painting of whole unit internal walls & ceiling with ICI Pentalite/ NIPPON Emulsion paint
  • Painting of all pipes, doors, door frames & gate with ICI/ NIPPON gloss paint


I: Miscellaneous Works

  • Supply & install 2 sets of slide & swing door c/w acrylic panel
  • Haulage fee works: Uplifting of materials & sand including disposal of debris to approved dumping site
  • Chemical washing upon completion of works
  • Provide corrugated paper for protection
  • HDB Renovation Permit fees
Package Price
  • $29,888
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