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Space Change is an interior design studio that specializes in personalised interior design and renovation for our clients in Singapore.

We provide efficient spatial solutions that comprise of a balance between aesthetic, quality, precision & cost.

We believe there’s a better way to help homeowners achieve their vision to life without much compromising in the renovation.

The easy way is to engage our Spaceman who cares and dedicated to understand more about your lifestyle and needs.

Our spaceman are able to show the first draft as fast as 72 hours for each project we take on, yet we are personalising the whole interior design for every unique customer's and propose the most cost-saving options for them.

We have assisted homeowners to save at least 10-25% lesser as compared to most of the ID/Contractor company out in the market and we are continuing this mission forward.

Our Services-

  • Interior Budget Planning
  • Interior Design Consultation
  • Spatial Planning
  • Furniture Design
  • Interior/Showroom Styling
  • Furniture, fixtures, and Equipment Selection
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