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HDB Demerit Points (Past 24 Months)

12 points. 19/11/2019 - 22/01/2020. Failure to use approved tools and exceed the number of tools allowed. Structural - minor, E.g. construction of cement mortar base exceeding 50mm thickness for kitchen cabinet. Topping up of floor thickness but without causing overstress on the floor slab as confirmed by structural engineer.

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Founded in 2015, Stylerider’s ethos positioned ourselves as a creative yet reasonably priced full-service interior design and renovation company, for consumers of both residential and commercial market.

The Stylerider team is equipped with adept ability of delivering artistic flair and professional aptitude, alongside top-notch customer service for all the projects we take on.

Apart from great customer service, we also pride ourselves in delivering exceptional value, high-quality and timely results for your living spaces.

It is our vision to provide clients a transparent and pleasant renovation experience, by educating them on the design possibilities, customized solutions and the most effective way to utilise their interiors.

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