Should You Consider a HDB Renovation Package?

You have probably read or heard different opinions about HDB renovation packages being a good option to save some money.

But are they really true?

While some might agree, there are others who think otherwise.

It really depends because every HDB flat homeowner’s needs are different.

Let’s dig deeper into this topic, so you’re able to make better judgement calls.

HDB Renovation Package - What Are Your Renovation Needs

What Are Your Renovation Needs?

Firstly, not everyone can afford or feels comfortable to splurge $60k on a HDB renovation.

Homeowners who are newly married or those with a lower income ceiling may face a tight renovation budget.

While there are some seniors or singles who don’t want to spend too much because they just want a basic functional home.

And then there are those who only wants to renovate their kitchen and toilets. 

In the case of resale HDB flats, their previous owners could have done a fairly good renovation job, hence the new owners don’t see the need for massive makeovers.    

New EC (executive condominium) or a DBSS flat (Design, Build and Sell Scheme) have brand new flooring, toilets and cabinetry that are readily done.  

Whatever your reasons may be, first evaluate what your renovation needs are, so you can better decide if choosing a HDB renovation package makes financial sense and fits your bill.

What’s in a HDB Renovation Package?

A fixed list of items, including labour and materials costs are bundled in HDB renovation packages at a flat price.

Depending on the number of items and nature of work in each one of them, the price would also vary.

They are often organized by property type and the number of rooms. We have listed all the packages below for your easy reference.

BTO Renovation Packages

Resale Renovation Packages

Kitchen & Toilet Renovation Packages

As there are hundreds of different package deals marketed by renovation firms, we recommend that you do fair comparisons amongst those that are relevant to your needs.

It is a common practice for companies to indicate clearly a comprehensive list of the work items offered.

This makes it easy for you to understand what’s in the deal and help you in choosing the right renovation package.

For a peace of mind and smooth renovation journey, these 2 great articles would provide you plenty of help.

The Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore

Kitchen Renovation Packages in Singapore     

What You Should Take Note Of

Most homeowners don’t know how and what questions to ask. This is a common mistake.

That’s why we want to raise the awareness of this topic here, so you won’t get short-changed or experience unpleasant surprises.

Realistic Prices     

Hold your horses when you see a renovation package with very low prices.

Remember, quality will always equate to cost. It’s reality.

It also means you cannot expect to have marble flooring for the price of ceramic tiles.  

If you come across any package with unbelievably cheap prices, we strongly urge you to ask a lot of questions or simply skip them.

Without having to elaborate, it’s obvious why you should do so.

Work Item Descriptions 

Ethical renovation companies provide a comprehensive breakdown with detailed item descriptions in their package deals.

All items should be methodically described with words that are easily understood by you.

Avoid packages that have vaguely written item descriptions.

Fine Prints & Hidden Fees      

Although legally compliant and acceptable in advertising rules, be aware that some renovation offers may have strings attached in fine prints.

When you meet up with the firm’s sales representative, find out everything about the renovation package mechanics.

Clarify if there are hidden fees or conditions that come with what’s being offered.

Find out if you’re allowed to swap for alternatives at the same price and what are the additional costs for add-ons.


For renovation packages that comprise of items like carpentry or cabinetry work, flooring, kitchen or toilet accessories, always ask to view the actual material(s) or sample(s).

Also, ask the renovation firm to provide you with their specifications and measurements.

Nothing beats seeing the real thing so you can touch, feel and judge their quality.

Sometimes, a renovation firm may not display all the items in their showroom. 

Ask how it is possible for you to view the actual items. Perhaps you can return another day or visit the supplier’s showroom instead?

Understand the composition of the materials that are indicated within the renovation package.

For example, are you given ceramic or homogenous tiles? What sort of wood material is used to fabricate your kitchen cabinets? 


Often times, the cabinetry or carpentry work are only indicated in length measurements (e.g. 20ft kitchen cabinet).

However, the height and depth measurements are almost never stated in the descriptions.

Remember to ask what exact measurements and items you will be getting.

Does it include the upper row of kitchen cabinets? How many doors and shelves will there be? 

Request them to be written down clearly in the renovation contract and also the plan drawings.


Always opt for a warranty to be included. This is a form of insurance to protect yourself, in case of any inferior workmanship.

The standard warranty given is usually a 1-year period. 

Take note that some companies may not offer any warranty coverage in their renovation package deals.

Extra costs may incur if you want to include workmanship warranty.

So if you do not see this in the item description, ask and clarify.

Payment Terms & Milestones

Find out what are the terms of payment and have them written down in black and white in the renovation agreement/ contract.  

Do not pay the full renovation package cost upfront!

We came across some homeowners who made this mistake and ended up with very unpleasant experiences with the renovation firm.

Release a payment only when a work milestone is completed as agreed in the contract.

Before releasing any payment, always inspect and check for defects upon work completion. 

If you spot any defects or unsatisfactory work, immediately snap a photo or record a video.

Raise them up to the renovation contractor or project coordinator without hesitation. 

Make it clear that you will only release a payment after the defect(s) are rectified. 

Here’s a sample milestone payment schedule for your reference:


Deposit upfront after contract is signed: 10%

Hacking and demolition: 15%

Masonry and concrete work: 15%

Carpentry work: 15%

Electrical wiring and plumbing: 15%

Painting and clean up: 15%

Final customer approval: 15%



Make sure you also ask these questions below because many homeowners tend to overlook them. 

Don’t forget to ask the renovation firm if flooring protective sheets or coverings are included in the renovation package.

If this is not indicated in the item description of the package, it’s usually chargeable at your end.

For hacking or demolition works, make sure haulage and debris removal is listed in the renovation package.

Find out if general cleaning or chemical cleaning are included after the renovation is completed?

Other than the tips provided here, safeguard yourself further with a  list of the top 14  home renovation mistakes that you should avoid. 

HDB Renovation Package - Why They May Be Right For You

Why They May Be Right For You

HDB renovation packages do have a big plus-point – they consolidate labour and material at one flat price, so you don’t have to constantly renegotiate.

However, we also want to emphasize that these package deals are not guaranteed solutions to lower renovation costs. 

Everything has their advantages and disadvantages.

To get the best out of a situation, evaluate your requirements and know what your needs are before committing.

If your requirements match any of the points we mentioned below, it’s worthwhile to consider going for a renovation package.


  • For those with a tight budget. Basic renovations can be done for your HDB flat at affordable costs.


  • BTO flat owners can get a fairly decent renovation for around $25K.


  • You only need to remodel the kitchen or toilets.


  • You don’t need fanciful interior designs for your property.


  • You are not considering expensive materials such as marble, granite, parquet, etc.


  • You don’t need any hacking/ demolition work or customised carpentry work (because these could cost quite a fair bit).
  • Some package deals offer complimentary gifts such as cooking hobs, hoods, water heaters, etc. Helps you to save a few hundred dollars on these appliances. 

Why They May Not Be Right For You

Although the costs of renovating has seen a 20% increase since last year, there are homeowners who don’t mind forking out more.

If you belong in this category, these flat-priced bundles are probably not your cup of tea.

We’ll list out some reasons why opting for a HDB renovation package may not be right for you.

  • Your choice of services, materials, fittings are limited, and may not achieve your intended outcomes.

  • You have little or almost no flexibility to build fixtures according to custom specifications.

  • You pay extra fees for anything that are not in the package.

  • The materials supplied are acceptable but cannot compare with high-quality ones and may have a shorter life span.

  • Things such as electrical works, tempered glass backing, windows, grilles, door gates, etc. are not included in most package bundles.

  • If your goal is to achieve a unique look or design theme for your HDB flat, package deals are unable to offer you this.

Final Thoughts

As there are many types of bundled offers for HDB flat renovations, take some time to research, evaluate and compare them.

It’s very important to find one that will closely match your needs and budget.

After you have shortlisted the package offers, you should view important background checks of the companies. 

By doing so, you can easily identify which company has a good reputation, their accreditation references, customer reviews, HDB Demerit Points (if any) and reasons for non-compliance, etc.

The more you know about the company, the safer it will be to ensure that you are hiring a reliable renovation professional. also gives you the convenience to do real-time chats with hundreds of renovation contractors and interior design firms on your mobile phone or desktop.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision before you meet them personally.

If you are already know a renovation firm whom you can trust, or have personal recommendations from someone you know, this would make things much easier.

They can give you valuable insights on what you can expect if you were to hire the renovation firm.

Good luck and we are sure you will find a suitable renovation package for your HDB renovation.

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